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The High Impact is Leo’s take on a full-sized hatchet/small ax. It’s huge. At just over 20 inches overall length, full-tang, and 3/8” thick, this thing has some weight behind it. It’s made of 1075 high carbon steel, so it’ll handle impacts well and keep a good edge. The tan canvas Micarta handles are thick, but have comfortable, rounded edges with some extra contouring to improve the grip without making it harsh. The classy double-stitched blade cover is a nod to the traditional options on the market but maintains TOPS’ style.

Bottom line? This may just be the largest full-tang hatchet on the market. It’s roughly 3.5 pounds of chopping and splitting power.  The High Impact is large enough to swing with two hands, but still light and small enough to get some work done with just one. Bigger than most hatchets, but smaller than the typical full-sized ax, it’s a great blend for those looking for a tool that size.

TOPS High Impact

$419.99 Regular Price
$394.99Sale Price
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