TOPS is well-known for making hard-use tactical and survival knives. In recent years however, the lineup of models available through TOPS has opened to a very wide variety of cutlery. Hunting knives, EDC, and even kitchen cutlery. Now TOPS is ready to release their first filet knife.

Finding a middle ground between the flexibility of a filet knife and the rigidity of boning knife, the TOPS Filet is reminiscent of a Japanese gokujo(which means “all-in-one”). It is multipurpose in nature and can be used to bone or filet. The sweeping 154cm blade on the TOPS Filet will make short work of fileting fish and will leave very little waste cleanly trimming meat from bone with precision. The handle is a combination of rubber and G10 that provides a secure grip, which is important when dealing with slippery objects. The OD Green Kydex sheath with a Kydex belt loop will make the TOPS Filet feel equally at home in the field and the kitchen.


$215.00 Regular Price
$185.99Sale Price