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Loosely based on common karambit designs, the TOPS "10/27" is definitely a unique approach. The angles and shape of the knife are perfect for the reverse grip popular with karambit knives, but you can use it quite easily in a traditional hammer-style grip as well. Slashing and ripping cuts are performed quickly to make this knife dangerous in the right hands.

TOPS "10/27" was built in true TOPS form. It is sizable and powerful, yet comfortable to hold and use. The handle profile along with the G10 scales make it easy to deploy. The deep groove near the blade, as well as the index finger hole, which is ample for very large hands and smaller hands, help avoid slipping and provide a secure grip. Our New Tactical Stone coating completes the package. TOPS "10/27" is sure to intimidate any opponent, especially in self-defense situations. No one messes with a TOPS knife.

Tops 10/27

$190.00 Regular Price
$174.99Sale Price
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