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The Rocky Mountain Spike is a result of several months of testing and fine-tuning in the field. The development of the Rocky Mountain Spike is a coordinated effort of a special something that can apply itself to almost any situation. The original design was to be a sidekick or an add-on to a big knife, like a TOPS Machete or a Power Eagle, to give the user a variety of other applications on smaller projects. The size and heavy duty mass of steel in the big knives certainly have their place. However, every so often the situation arises where you wish you had a smaller knife, and specifically one with a narrow blade.

After using and abusing the prototypes in the field, those that tested the Rocky Mountain spike saw a wide variety of cutting, scraping, splitting, EDC, and separating tasks this tool could be used for effectively.

Now we feel the Rocky Mountain Spike is very much a great stand-alone tool (as well as a companion to large knives) for hikers, bikers, campers, boaters, weekend outdoorsmen, and long trekkers. It can be worn on your belt or pack, in your boot, or damn near any other practical place you want it. Whether you're thinking self-defense or general outdoor activities, at work or at home, this is the tool for you.

Each of these tools are individually, differentially heat-treated to perfection. You can actually see the heat treat line near the edge of the blade thanks to Leo "The Lion" Espinoza's now famous Black River Wash process. Using a variation of that process, we've created a new finish we call SANDSTORM BRONZE.

The finger grooved handle allows for a sure grip. This lean, manly tool will make an excellent travel companion for all who choose to carry it.

Rocky Mountain Spike

$125.00 Regular Price
$114.99Sale Price
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