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The Frog Market Special XL was designed by Steven Dick based on a style of knife that he saw during a trip to Vietnam. He saw butchers and fish mongers using knives with a pattern he'd never seen before. They were able to prepare meats and fish of many varieties easily using their unique blades.

The first design based off of those knives is the original Frog Market Special. This XL version adds some heft and length to an already proven excellent design. It has all of the aesthetics and function of the original in a larger package. Many TOPS users have this knife in their kitchen, camp kit, and some have even carried the FMS as an EDC knife.

It is 3/32” thick 1095 steel with our famous Black River Wash. Comfortable, thick green canvas Micarta handles keep their grip even when wet, and it comes with a Kydex sheath for storage, especially for those venturing outside of the kitchen with it. Whether you’re slicing, dicing, or chopping meat and veggies, this blade will make food prep easy. “The Frog Market special and XL are both great knives. Almost every TOPS employee has the original in their kitchen and the XL will quickly follow suit,” said Craig Powell, General Manager of TOPS Knives.


$200.00 Regular Price
$173.99Sale Price
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